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Personal dental care, dentist in Luton

For nearly two decades, this family-run dentist in Luton has been providing individual dental care to patients. From your very first dental appointment, you will experience our inclusive approach, which makes every patient feel valued and respected. This holistic approach allows us to develop a candid relationship with our patients. We encourage our patients to take ownership of their teeth and gums and ask as many questions as they like about their oral condition and any treatment that is recommended. They must feel confident that they have sufficient information to make an informed decision about their own treatment. Ultimately, it is the patient who must decide to proceed with any treatment.

Responsible together

We want our patients to own their oral hygiene and view us as their backup team, always there to guide and help when required. One set of adult teeth is all that we get during our lifetime, and collectively, we can preserve that set to last. The special relationship we develop with our patients allows us to be honest, and if we discover that their oral hygiene is insufficient to preserve their teeth, we will tell them. We are a modern dentist in Luton with traditional values, and we know that if we work together, we can maintain healthy teeth and gums for our patients.

Don’t take chances with your teeth

There is a lot of pressure on patients to produce the perfect smile on demand, and white teeth are becoming a status symbol. We provide a teeth whitening service in a safe and controlled environment to ensure that our patients don’t cause their teeth or gums any harm. During a thorough dental examination, we will first identify what is causing the discolouration of the patient's teeth. It may just be the diet, but teeth can highlight a more serious underlying health condition. Dental discolouration can be caused by a calcium deficiency or even liver disease. Before performing a teeth whitening procedure, one of our qualified clinicians will examine the patient for any underlying problems. If we find anything serious, we will advise the patient to contact their personal medical practitioner where necessary.

A patient’s smile is our reward

Being able to produce a broad, confident smile would seem like a simple task that everyone should be able to do. However, some people suffer from dental malocclusion when their teeth are not aligned correctly, causing problems when they try to chew their food. Jaw pain and some difficulty speaking can also arise. As a progressive dentist in Luton, we use the latest technology and dental appliances to correct misaligned teeth.

Always evolving

At Bramingham Dental, we pride ourselves on listening to and understanding our patients and always designing our treatments around them. In keeping with this philosophy, we have recently introduced some new procedures. We now offer a range of anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments performed by one of our specially qualified dental clinicians. We are pleased to offer these treatments in our safe treatment rooms. As your community dentist, we are constantly evolving to bring you the treatments you deserve.


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