I was treated at BDC on Thursday 14 July by Mr Sawani, and his very able assistant. I needed a replacement filling at the back/top of my mouth. Treatment started on time, I was fully informed throughout about what was happening and why, and where we were in the whole process. I have always found this to be very helpful, being actively involved, not just a passive object "being done unto.” I really like the to-and-fro discussion which goes on within the team and with me as a patient.


- Finbarr -

I have been coming to Bramingham dental practice for many years now and I am delighted with the results. I was especially pleased with the results that were achieved, after having internal whitening carried out on my front teeth. The staffs are very friendly and welcoming, also Rahim is very patient and understanding.


- MR -

I've been a patient at this practice for many years now and I've always found all of the staff extremely helpful and polite. The level of service and consultation is excellent and I am always put at ease and feel that I am included and considered through every step of my treatment. I started to go to this practice because of bad experiences at another dental practice. I was extremely nervous and unhappy about dental work, but due to the time and patience taken by the dentists and staff I am completely satisfied with my treatment.

What could have been improved : Until recently my only issue was not having later appointments to take into account work times, however this has changed and now the practice offers their service at convenient times to patients who work.

Any other comments : I find the flexibile friendly attitude of the practice and its staff make the whole matter of going to the dentists a less stressful and painful experience. The different levels of service offered, full NHS to private means that the practice caters for a wide range of patients, all with the same level of dignity and care. I would have no hesitation in recommending this practice.

- MG -

I surfed the internet in search of a good local dentist with the view of utilizing the services of a good "local" hygienist. My teeth are aweful! I am terribly embarrassed with them and there is absolutely nothing that I like ! The protrusion in my teeth make me feel very self conscious. The front two jut out and at most times I feel like Nanny McPhee. I have to bite carefully, and chew carefully as I just don’t trust my teeth.

I love smiling broadly – but I stopped doing that when I realised how bad my teeth looked. When meeting people for the first time I usually have my hand in front of my mouth when I speak and when I laugh; When I am used to the people and when I feel I won’t shock them, I lower my guard and drop my hand!

If my teeth change – gosh there is so much else that I will change. My hand won’t be used to hide my teeth. I will even change my hair style. I can join the staff and class photos happily! I will even stop "spraying" people when I get excited. I will be able to speak properly – I feel my speech is presently hampered!

Look Mummy - No hands!!! Having my hand in front of my mouth drew negative attention to my teeth; it became idiosyncrasy rather than a habit.

I dropped my hands from my mouth on Saturday 14th July – thank God! To say that I am ecstatic about my teeth is an understatement. I feel confident to speak without my hand wrapped around my lips! My new teeth suit my personality- I love laughing, talking, smiling and now I can do all that without being conscious. I can enunciate words and make whatever expressions or grimaces I want. It has even motivated me to want to lose weight, with my teeth looking this good, I’d like my body to follow suit.

The experience was mind blowing. I felt so special; it was humbling to witness everyone’s genuine concern. Needless to say dentists were brilliant; the team work and competent professionalism was displayed throughout.

The next best part to the stunning teeth that is was all pain free! I have stopped sleeping with my lips curled around my teeth. During the day when at rest, I used to purse my lips around my protruding teeth – no more now! I relax and smile. My teeth meet together comfortably. I can chew on both sides of my mouth. Woo Hoo!!


- JO -

I first heard of Six Month Smile when i visited my dentist for a routine check-up and asked about straightening my teeth. I was told about the treatment in rough detail and within a couple of weeks i was booked in for a consultation. The treatment sounded perfect for me as i have always been very conscious of my teeth. Ive always tried to hide my smile and every time i laugh id cover my mouth with my hand. I only felt comfortable around certain people to not do this. I very rarely have photos taken as i always felt i could not smile properly and comfortably.

I had my consultation and within the month i had the braces fitted! Everything was moved along as quickly as possible, which is what really spurred me to go through with the treatment in the first place. I didnt want braces for a long time and this seemed to be the most perfect way for me to get the perfect teeth i always wanted and quickly!

Once id started the treatment, it was all very easy. I went into the dentist almost every three weeks, sometimes it was as little as a week. Mohammed would tweak different parts of the brace to straighten each tooth how i wanted it to be. The only low point happened quite early on and i had eaten a piece pork crackling and a bracket came off my tooth! I called the dentist straight away and they immediately replaced the bracket for me.

Im extremely happy with Mohammed and the work he has done. I would recommend him and his team to everyone who is thinking of going through the treatment.

To now have no braces and lovely straight teeth is amazing and I'm so happy with the results! There will be no more shying away from showing off my lovely smile anymore!!!!

- Lisa -