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A bag of nerves when it comes to your dental visits? How can our dentist in Luton assist?

Although you may feel alone with your fears of having a dental checkup, in truth, you are not alone. In recent years, surveys have uncovered that a high percentage of individuals suffer from some form of anxiety or fear when it comes to attending their dental appointments. Whether it be from unpleasant past experiences or just the lack of attendance as a child, avoiding the regular checkup appointments can become all too easy. The downside to allowing your nerves to take control is that as time passes, the missing appointments can mean the failure to detect early signs of tooth decay or other dental problems. Your visit to our dentist in Luton can then become more urgent, and more extensive treatment may be required to tackle the problems.

At Bramingham Dental, we understand how nerves can affect our patients; therefore, we will always work with you to ensure that you attend your appointments and that you are as comfortable as possible with our dentist in Luton.

So how can we help?

A friendly and open approach

Understanding what you are getting yourself into and having an open dialogue with our team is such an important part of the process; therefore, when it comes to your oral health, our dentist in Luton is always there to answer any questions. Whether it is a simple checkup or a more extensive procedure, having a clear understanding of what to expect and how the time will progress can help patients visualise and cope with the visit. At all times, you are the leader of the team; therefore, anything we do is only after your approval.

The sounds of the environment

Whilst we are unable to hide the dental equipment from sight, we can dull the sound of the equipment through music. Whether it be through listening to our playlists or bringing your own earphones and music to distract yourself, the background noises, which can sound a little unnerving, can soon drift into the background and become barely noticeable. For some patients, this simple but highly effective distraction can help ease them into their appointment without further delays.

Seeking sedation

In some severe cases, it may be that sedation is offered to help you cope with the appointment. In terms of sedation, there are commonly two options available.

The first option is inhalation sedation, which can help ease your anxieties whilst ensuring you are still lucid and able to communicate with our dentist. The second option is known as intravenous sedation; this is somewhat heavier in effect and will assist with relaxation as well as blur the memory that follows. Either method of sedation is highly effective and can assist those who struggle to attend the dental practice for an appointment.

Should you suffer from nerves and anxieties, whether big or small, have a chat with one of our team members at Bramingham Dental to ensure that we can assist you in whatever way possible andthat you continue to attend your regular appointments with us.


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