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A dentist in Luton that you can relate to!

A warm, friendly and understanding relationship is quite a lot to find in someone. Dentistry in this modern age requires us to have a disposition that allows us to relate to patients. At Bramingham Dental, it is our goal to get to know and understand you. We also strive to educate our patients about the importance of their teeth. The days of only visiting a dentist in Luton because of a toothache or some other dental problems have long gone. We have had the pleasure of offering our patients oral health care for the past 18 years, and we are proud of the relationships we have developed. Each patient has a different expectation of what they want from our dentist in Luton. Being empathetic and perceptive are skills that we develop, which help us to foster bonds with our patients. Let's face it, few people are going to get as up front and personal as a dentist in Luton is going to get; therefore, we must have mutual respect and a candid relationship.

Dentistry incorporating overall wellness

Your mouth is more than a way to speak or eat and drink; it is filled with sensitivity with over one million nerve endings. We spend a lot of time educating our patients on how to maintain their teeth and gums. We apply a holistic approach to dentistry, especially when it comes to calming nervous patients and keeping dental pain to a minimum.

Routine six-monthly dental checkups are absolutely vital to maintaining your overall oral health as they will allow us to thoroughly examine your oral cavity and discuss our findings with you. Your general diet, alcohol consumption and smoking habits are also important because what you consume will affect your teeth, gums and overall health. Stains, spots and a variety of other signs alert us to conditions that may be manifesting. Your oral health, therefore, affects your overall health.

Family and community

Over the years, we have established ourselves within the community, and different generations of families are regular patients of ours. As dental practitioners, being a part of the community has been key to gaining trust, which makes it easier to talk candidly to our patients. We also encourage parents to bring their children in from about one year old so that we can teach them how to brush their teeth properly and get into an oral maintenance routine. At a year old, children need to get to know the people working in the dental practice so that they become comfortable in the surroundings.

All your dental needs catered for!

Over the years, we have assembled a blend of staff who complement each other and have the same ethos. From whitening your teeth to replacing a lost tooth with dental implants, we have the equipment, expertise and skills to provide you with high-quality dental care. If you have misaligned teeth, our team of smile creators will correct your malocclusion using the latest technology and techniques.

Smiling with a youthful exuberance

Our expertise in putting a smile on your face extends to giving you a youthful appearance if you feel you need it. We offer non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatments, including the Hollywood red carpet peel.


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