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Are you a nervous dental patient? How our dentist can help you overcome your phobia

Does the idea of attending a dental check-up fill you with dread? Are you a nervous dental patient?

If the answer to both of these questions is ‘yes’ then rest assured, you are not alone! Many dental patients report feelings of concern or anxiety when it comes to visiting their dental team for a check-up, which can stem from poor dental practitioners in their past being too harsh or judgemental.

However, fast forward to 2021 and the dental care industry as a whole now offers patients a more relaxed and judgement-free experience when it comes to dental examinations and treatments.

At Bramingham Dental, we believe in offering all of our patients a compassionate and comfortable appointment. Our dentist in Luton will ensure that if you are a nervous patient, you are treated with the high standard of care that you deserve, while we work with you to help you feel more confident in the dental chair. Now that's handy!

But how can you and our dentist in Luton help that debilitating dental phobia to become a thing of the past? Read on to find out!


As indicated earlier, our team sees nothing funny or belittling about dental phobias, so when you come along to see our dentist in Luton, feel free to tell us if you have some worries about dental treatments.

This will allow us to answer any concerns you have, and understand how we can make you feel more comfortable. In turn, this will allow you to assess if you feel comfortable progressing in your treatment with our team. So, simply let us know how we can help you and will strive to do so.

Deep breathing

If you are a fan of yoga or meditation, you may already be familiar with the practice of deep breathing.

If you are not, then it is never too late to learn! This skill can help you to feel calmer and more in control when you are in the dental chair and, with the myriad of online resources that can help you master this skill, there has never been a better time to learn!


Does the whirr of the dental drill make you panic?

If it does, feel free to bring your phone along with headphones, which will help you to block out the unpleasant noises and replace them with classical or relaxation tones. Why not listen to an audio book or even a guided meditation?

Inhalation sedation

If you need something that is guaranteed to calm your nerves, our team can offer you inhalation sedation. Nitrous oxide (also called laughing gas) will help you to feel more relaxed as our team works on your teeth and has no long-term side effects post-treatment.

Intravenous sedation

Intravenous sedation (IV) offers a similar benefit to inhalation sedation, except that it does tend to sedate you more. You will need to have someone to escort you home after IV sedation and you must not operate heavy machinery for at least 24 hours post-treatment.


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