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Dentist in Luton listening to your ideas

We all have aspirations, dreams and a certain way that we want to be individually perceived. As a modern dentist in Luton, we want to give you the opportunity to express your dental ideas. By building a candid relationship with our patients, we are able to discuss both the benefits and problems that may occur if certain treatments are followed. How we look is important to all of us, and only our patients can honestly know how they would like to look.

Treatments to help achieve objectives

We are a dentist in Luton who will always respond to a patient's questions and ideas, we will offer advice and treatment where required. We are not all born equal, and some have unfortunately inherited dental and jaw misalignments. Identifying a dental condition and the right treatment is what we were trained to do, and we enjoy helping our patients solve and overcome their problems. A lost tooth as a result of an accident used to be quite a traumatic event, and while the loss of a tooth still is, the solutions available are quite remarkable.

Technology; a massive help

The decades have rolled by, but the dental profession has not been asleep, and what we are able to do today is a testament to dental science and technology. The strides in comfortable dentistry have been enormous, and the latest appliances and dental prosthetics have been amazing. For misaligned teeth, we can confidently offer treatment that no longer resembles the cumbersome appliance that many children wore decades ago. Dental braces and aligners have helped our dentist in Luton to treat misaligned teeth more effectively.

There are braces that are less conspicuous because the blocks and wires are clear, and there are those that are tooth-coloured. There are aligners that can fit over the teeth like gumshields, which are made from a clear dental material. There are even braces that have been designed to fit behind the patient’s teeth, making them virtually invisible. Missing teeth used to require dentures or a bridge, but technology has created new solutions. Dental implants are also fast becoming the go-to treatment for missing teeth. They are a more permanent fix as they mimic our normal teeth by being anchored into our jawbone. These are but a few of the incredible advancements that have been made available to us by dental professionals.

A more personal experience

Because we spend so much time getting to know and understand our patients, we are able to personalise their treatments so that they receive the maximum benefit. Being able to smile should be something everyone can do, and we believe that we can provide this, especially to those who are self-conscious because of their teeth. Seeing a patient smile confidently is a huge reward for us and confirms a job well done.

Providing that little extra bit

Our surgeries are safe and sterile, and this allows us to offer that little extra bit of aesthetic care that many patients would like to have. Non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatment and other aesthetic procedures are now also available at Bramingham Dental.


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