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Family dentist in Luton!

Bramingham Dental brings a genuine meaning to the word “family dentist” because doctors Rahim and Mezmim Sawani are husband and wife and a real family. The entire team is trained to treat each patient as they would like to be treated. You are respected as an individual and welcomed in as a patient but also a member of the dental family. We get to know you and learn your fears, anxieties and what you expect from our dentist in Luton.

Modern and experienced

We have been practising as a dentist in Luton for almost 20 years and have kept up to date by attending regular seminars and training in modern techniques and equipment. You will experience our dedicated, alternative approach from your very first appointment with us. Patient care is our primary focus, and we know that many people suffer from dental anxiety. We believe that our personal, hand-holding approach helps patients to be relieved of those anxious feelings and feel relaxed and comfortable.

Very often, the fear of a dentist in Luton that you experience is a result of a lack of knowledge and understanding. We will spend time explaining your condition and suggest different options to correct your problem. We encourage you to ask questions until you are satisfied that you can make an informed decision to proceed with the treatment. We want you to decide so that you can feel relaxed in the knowledge that you understand what the benefits of the treatment will be for you.

Family dentistry means the whole family

If everyone in the family has the same approach to oral hygiene and dental care, it will be easier to adhere to a proper regime. We encourage parents to bring their children in at an early age so that they can feel safe and relaxed in our dental surgery and get to know our friendly team. When the children’s turn comes to have their first appointment, it will not feel unusual for them because they have been here before.

We will guide you on what toothbrush is suitable for your child and can teach your child the proper way to brush and floss their teeth. Dental checkups help us identify any problems that are manifesting, and early intervention can help you avoid many problems later.

Your dental care

Our dedicated team provides far more than extractions and fillings; root canal therapy, crowns and emergency treatment are part of our general dental routine as well. While the practical function of your teeth is our primary focus, we will also help you smile with confidence. To help you look and feel great, we can offer dental whitening, white fillings, dental veneers and dental straightening treatments. If you have been unfortunate to lose a tooth due to an accident or decay, we can provide dentures, bridges or dental implants to restore your ability to chew your food properly.

Feeling the need to rejuvenate yourself

Because of their training in the skin, muscles and bones of the head and face, our clinicians are able to offer you cosmetic treatments. We can improve your skin tone by utilising a gentle exfoliating procedure to give you a youthful glow. Additional procedures include non-surgical anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments.

We want our dental family to enjoy the full range of treatments we provide so that you can retain your teeth for the duration of your lifetime. We also want other members of our dental family to enjoy those pampering treatments delivered by members of the team whom they are familiar with in the clinically safe environment provided in our treatment rooms.


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