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Feeling downhearted about your bad breath? Our dentist in Luton can help

Waking up in the morning with an odour on your breath is a natural occurrence and a great reminder that you need to carry out your daily oral hygiene process. But whilst the early morning odour is natural, what if the unpleasant odour remains despite your thorough clean?

It may be that you enjoy a little garlic sprinkled over your food or the stronger-smelling cheeses that leave behind a tinge to your breath; in these cases, a slight odour would be expected. However, if your diet regularly stays around the blander foods and drinks but you are still concerned about bad breath, it is time to contact our dentist in Luton at Bramingham Dental.

Although odorous breath may not prevent you from doing a variety of things, in truth, there may be some underlying issue occurring that needs to be investigated and dealt with. Halitosis, the medical term for bad breath, should not just be accepted, and by contacting our dentist in Luton, you will be able to isolate and eliminate the problem. After all, we all would prefer minty fresh breath!

This article uncovers just some of the potential causes of bad breath.

Tooth decay or cavities

The first thing our dental team will do is assess your mouth for any signs of tooth decay or potential cavities (holes in the tooth). Although you would think that a rotting tooth would cause you a fair amount of discomfort, this is not always the case; therefore, the cavity may be missed. This is why our dentist will always examine the teeth, mouth and gums from the outset.


Another common cause of an unpleasant odour to the breath is gum disease. Whilst we all would like to think our oral hygiene process is up to scratch, this is not always the case, and plaque and bacteria can build up. As plaque and bacteria accumulate over time, an unpleasant odour can begin to expel from your mouth and other problems, such as bleeding and inflamed gums, can begin to present themselves. Getting in touch with our dental team for regular checkups and hygiene appointments here at Bramingham Dental can help in the fight against plaque build-up.

General infections

Whenever an infection occurs, the body begins to battle it, but more often than not, an odour will accompany the problem. Whether in the mouth or some other part of the body, foul odour is generally not a pleasant experience and is something that needs to be investigated and ruled out. A quick checkup is all it will take to confirm or eliminate the possibility of infection, and then the next steps can be decided upon.

Dry mouth

Although all mouths produce saliva, some people suffer from a disorder known as dry mouth. By the body producing minimal amounts of saliva, even during mealtimes, an odour can begin to occur; however, this is something that can easily be resolved once uncovered.

As our dentist in Luton uncovers the cause of the odour, we can begin to formulate a plan to reduce and eliminate the causes and give you fresher breath.


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