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Teeth straightening with our dentist in Luton

Straightening teeth has become a commonly sought-after procedure, thanks to the advances in dental technology and the variety of braces that have become available for correcting dental misalignments. Conventionally, teeth were straightened using traditional dental braces made of metal wires and brackets that were highly effective but also quite visible when worn. Most adults wish to avoid traditional braces, so to suit the modern lifestyle, our dentist in Luton can offer different teeth straightening options to meet your requirements and personal preferences.

Six Month Smiles

A popular choice of dental alignment treatment with our dentist is Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary cosmetic teeth-straightening system that focuses on straightening the teeth that are the most visible. As the name suggests, the average treatment time with Six Month Smiles is approximately six months, which means you can achieve a beautifully straight smile very soon. It is an affordable method of straightening your teeth with minimal discomfort. This system has taken the best features of traditional braces and modified them to give adults a cosmetic alternative that can fit in with their lifestyles and straighten their teeth in only six months.

Six Month Smiles uses clear braces and tooth-coloured wires, which are almost invisible to move the teeth very gently with minimal discomfort. If this sounds like the type of treatment you are looking for, then speak to us at Bramingham Dental and visit our dentist for an oral examination and an assessment of the position and alignment of your teeth. Our dentist in Luton will decide whether or not Six Month Smiles is the correct treatment option for you and discuss excellent alternatives that can help you achieve a straight smile.

Inman aligner

Here at Bramingham Dental, we are also pleased to present the Inman aligner for straightening teeth. An Inman aligner is an aligner and retainer all in one. It is designed to correct mild or moderate dental misalignments and is particularly suitable for straightening the lower front teeth that are commonly crooked or crowded together. The aligner itself is made up of an acrylic and wire retainer and consists of 4 springs, 2 of which are used to push your teeth out towards your lip while the other two push your teeth towards your tongue.

The Inman aligner is highly popular because of its short treatment time, and on average, it takes between 6 to 18 weeks to complete the desired movements. The aligner needs to be worn for approximately 20 hours a day; otherwise, it may take longer to complete the treatment. Inman aligners have a high success rate, with a recent study showing that 94% of patients were able to achieve their desired results.

Speak to our dentist in Luton today to learn more about straightening teeth either with Six Month Smiles or the Inman aligner. Let our dental team create a tailored treatment plan that will not only improve the alignment and appearance of your teeth but also help you enjoy better oral health.


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