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Understanding the importance of seeing your dentist in Luton

Every single day, our teeth, mouth and gums go through a rigorous work regime from eating, drinking, cleaning and general day-to-day tasks. These small but significant parts of our body allow us to eat what we want and smile to put someone at ease and brighten up our own faces. Creating and implementing an excellent oral hygiene process from a young age is therefore essential, and this is why dental checkups take priority.

Checking in with the practice

From a young age, we are taught to brush our teeth twice a day, but what about the flossing, the interdental brushes and how we brush our teeth? All of this can be analysed and touched upon during a regular checkup with your dental team. Approximately, every 6 months, we would expect to see you and ensure that your oral health is receiving the utmost care.

This regular checkup, whether 6 or 12 months, provides an excellent opportunity to detect the early onset of any potential dental issues. Early detection not only allows us to get a plan in place promptly but also enables us to reduce the possibility of a more invasive approach such as dental surgery. A simple checkup appointment can help prevent dental problems such as gingivitis, tooth decay and, in more serious cases, tooth loss and enable us to adjust the oral hygiene process where needed.

The timing between your checkup appointments is based entirely on your case; therefore, it is important to discuss this with your dentist in Luton to better understand what your oral health needs from you.

Protecting your smile as well as your family’s

Whether seeking dental care for yourself only or looking for a practice to cover your family, the search can be over. Our lovely team at Bramingham Dental has been working alongside families as well as individuals for over 17 years and has continued to provide the highest level of care and service to each of our patients.

From the littlest member of the family through to the eldest, each patient becomes part of our team, and together we can ensure your teeth, mouth and gums continue or reach the highest level of care. For those who need a little extra help getting to the appointment due to nerves or those who need a little more attention during the appointment, our dental team from the receptionist to the dentist in Luton has you covered. Let our team know how to help you achieve the most from your appointment, and together we can achieve it.

An outstanding service at an exceptional cost

With the cost of living continuously on the rise and the paycheck not necessarily increasing, we understand that the cost of everything weighs heavily on each decision made, even when it comes to your health.

With this worry in mind, our practice strives to help; therefore, alongside the NHS services and the private services, a payment plan can be available. For those in need of a little assistance, please talk to our team promptly so that we can assist you from the start.

Get chatting today with your dentist in Luton.


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