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Veneers and their advantages

Have you stained your teeth and are looking for an alternative to bleaching? Or are you fed up with the chips and cracks in your enamel?

Our dentist in Luton can answer your questions and guide you through the simple resolution to these problems, which happens to be porcelain veneers. These are small, thin coverings, similar to how a false nail works, applied to the front area of the tooth solving many dental issues.

Below our dentist uncovers the main advantages to having veneers fitted.

Covering up the dental imperfections

When it comes to appearance, the world is often fixated on covering up any imperfections and creating the perfect look. From filters on the phone to cosmetic treatments, and this is one of the top reasons that people contact our dentist about porcelain veneers.

From brightening up the smile and concealing caffeine stains, to covering up the wear and tear that has occurred over time, veneers can be the simple solution.

An element of strength

When a tooth is weakened, having a porcelain veneer attached can provide an extra element of strength and protection. It may be that the enamel on the tooth has cracked or chipped, weakening the structure, but with a veneer attached, it can help rebuild the strength ensuring it copes under the pressures of daily life. They are also sometimes used to help strengthen a tooth after dental procedures such as root canal therapy. An extra layer of strength can go a long way.

Avoiding bleaches to whiten

For those of our patients suffering from sensitive teeth but looking to brighten their smile, avoiding strong bleaches and gels can be wise. This does not mean that replenishing your smile is off the cards, but merely means the alternative of veneers may be the way forward. By choosing veneers, it can even help reduce any tooth sensitivity as it can provide a barrier to the sensitive areas. Revamping your smile and diminishing tooth sensitivity in one sweep, definitely worth the chat with our dentist in Luton.

Keeping things low maintenance

When looking into treatments and procedures it can often be disheartening to see the high maintenance plans that follow. It can even put some people off. This is where veneers thrive as they are extremely low maintenance. The only tasks that you will have is to continue your oral hygiene regime each day and to attend your bi-yearly or yearly check-up appointments with us. It doesn’t get much easier.

Veneers that last

As with all treatments and procedures, ensuring that you maintain a good level of oral hygiene is essential in protecting your teeth and any work that has been done. Once that is in place, the dental veneers can last up to and in some cases, over 15 years. It means continuing to brush your teeth twice daily, attending your check-ups and avoiding too much unnecessary pressure on the tooth. After all, there is no need to use your teeth to open a bottle when a bottle opener works!

Take care of your teeth and the veneers should remain firmly in place, however, should a veneer fall off, contact our dentist in Luton to have it re-attached.


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