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What common types of treatments do patients request from our dentist

In addition to great quality dental care, patients also look for a caring dentist in Luton who practices dentistry with a holistic approach and who values patients as individuals. At Bramingham Dental, we are widely renowned for the highest quality of personal care we give to each patient, no matter what treatment they require. We favour a holistic, modern approach to dentistry that aims to achieve high patient satisfaction.

We offer a diverse treatment menu that covers all the major types of dental care one expects from a private dentist in Luton. Read on to find out the most common types of general dentistry requested from patients.

3 Common types of general dental care

At our dental clinic, we aim to be the go-to dentist in Luton for our patients. We provide exceptional care from general check-ups to ascertain the current state of the patient’s oral health to effective teeth-saving treatments such as root canal treatments. Some of the top treatments and procedures we carry out include:

Oral examinations

One of the very basic requirements for good oral health is to have a professional dental practitioner carry out regular checks on teeth and gum health. This type of dental appointment identifies issues that point to problems arising with teeth and gums such as evidence of cavities and bleeding and receding gums.

While it is generally known that adults need this oral examination to be carried out on a routine basis, dental experts require children to also have their mouths checked as soon as their first tooth becomes visible.

Emergency dental care

If it were up to our dentists, no patient should reach the stage of having need of emergency dental care but this is not within our control. Patients, themselves, play an instrumental role in ensuring their dental health by being proactive about treating symptoms. When unfortunate accidents happen such as having a tooth fall out, it is of the utmost importance to have a qualified dental practitioner offer treatment that would save the tooth. As is the case with emergencies, timely action will dictate success of treatment.

Root canal treatment

When cavities go untreated for too long, holes in teeth enamel open up ways for bad bacteria and germs to enter the vulnerable layers of the tooth. Once this happens, the patient is at increased risk of tooth decay and extraction unless a root canal treatment can be carried out to save it.

Root canal therapy is an invasive process and can be time-consuming but, nevertheless, it is a highly effective treatment to save a tooth from ultimate loss. In performing this type of dental care, our dental practitioner protects the healthy parts of the tooth, prevents the infection from affecting the rest of the mouth and repairs the tooth so that it looks and feels like a natural tooth once more.

Let our highly competent dental team at Bramingham Dental help you protect your oral health and meet your dental care needs. Reach out to our friendly admin team to request an appointment.


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