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When does a Dentist recommend dental fillings?

One of the longstanding trusted measures to protect teeth from further decay is dental fillings. Fillings remain a core part of our dental bouquet and are primarily used in the treatment of the most common oral health problems experienced worldwide – cavities and tooth decay. Without the quick intervention by a Dentist in Luton, cavities, or holes in teeth, can progress to cause pain, discomfort and eventual tooth loss.

At your check-up appointment, our Dentist in Luton will closely examine the condition of your teeth to identify any worrying signs of cavities or other problems with the structure of your teeth. Cavities can be detected through close observation, the use of a probe, the use of dyes and x-rays as well as laser fluorescence. We will then advise of the best course of action to take, the first step would be fillings if cavities or cracks in enamel are found.

A filling procedure consists of our dental practitioner preparing a specially-formulated dental material that will fill the hole in the tooth structure. This procedure is typically done in a single visit to our clinic but this does depend on an individual patient’s situation.

Benefits of dental fillings

While treating tooth decay is one of the better-known benefits of fillings, there are many other reasons why a Dentist in Luton may recommend a patient needs to have fillings. Some of the more common reasons are:

Offers further protection from bad bacteria

Oral bacteria thrive in hidden spaces in the mouth such as nooks and cracks in teeth. Dental fillings fill in these areas so that there are no ideal environments in which bad bacteria can live and accumulate.

Strengthens cracked teeth

Physical activities, accidents and the natural ageing process can contribute to fractures in teeth. By filling in these cracks in the enamel, further structural damage is prevented thereby strengthening and preserving a tooth from being removed.

Improve the look of a tooth

Sometimes fillings are used to change the tooth’s appearance by changing shape or size to improve the aesthetics of the mouth.

Improves bite function

By sealing up cracks and holes in teeth, dental fillings level out irregularities in the surfaces of the tooth which can help improve a patient’s ability to bite more effectively.

Aid in the healing process

Certain procedures require a period of healing time in-between dental visits and a dental practitioner may suggest the need for temporary fillings to help in the healing process. Temporary fillings can play a vital role in preventing oral infections from affecting exposed teeth.

Dental fillings are a quick, cost-effective and convenient option to restore the health and function of teeth. In addition to this, they can last for a number of years provided a patient takes excellent care of their oral health and at-home hygiene practices.

Are you looking for a friendly family-focused dental practitioner? Make Bramingham Dental clinic your preferred choice for exceptional personal dental care. Our caring dental practitioners offer a diverse range of modern dental treatments and procedures to ensure your oral and overall physical health.


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