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Why is a visit to your Dentist in Luton so important for your health?

The benefits of regular check-ups

Whilst for many a trip to the dentist is considered to be a need to go basis, it is important to understand that by attending check-ups approximately every six to twelve months, you are reducing the possibility of irreversible damage to the teeth, mouth and gums. By attending regular check-up appointments your Dentist in Luton can keep a close watch on your oral hygiene process that is carried out at home and ensure that any tweaks including extra measures can be implemented promptly. During these appointments, it will also be possible for your dental team to notice any potential dental problems which may be beginning to arise and begin to work on ways to prevent further damage. Whilst these appointments may seem like an inconvenience the impact on your overall oral health is significant and can greatly reduce the need for more intense treatments and procedures.

Nerves surrounding your visit?

Suffering from anxiety and nervousness around visits to the dental practice is extremely common, so you are not alone and it is something our Dentist in Luton takes very seriously. Our aim is to always work with you to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during your visit with us, whilst ensuring you are getting the treatment and care you need. Our first port of call is to ensure that you are greeted both on the phone and in person by one of our friendly receptionists. Whilst this may sound like the standard operation, a friendly smile and understanding approach can make all the difference so please inform our team straight away of any nervousness you may be feeling. We are all here to help you receive the treatment and care you need on an ongoing basis so please let us know how we can help.

Keeping you fully informed throughout your time with us

Whilst you do not need to have a degree on the subject to care for your teeth on a daily basis, understanding your own oral hygiene process as well as possible treatments or procedures is of the utmost importance. Our dentist can provide you with all the dental knowledge and dental jargon but without you being on board with your important part to play, the expertise of the dental team becomes less effective. After all, the majority of dental care is carried out within the comfort of your own home and therefore a large amount of teamwork is required by you and your dentist.

Throughout life all of our mouths go through a lot on a day to day basis and therefore understanding how to keep a healthy smile from the inside to the out is of great importance to both you and your dental team. This is why throughout your entire journey with us, from 6 months old to over 100 years old, we will ensure that you understand all the different aspects of your dental health and how we can maintain or improve your overall health. This is where your regular visits to the Dentist in Luton come in. By working together on a regular basis Bramingham Dental Service ensures that your oral health is continuously a top priority for all.


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