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Why is it important to build rapport with your dentist?

What is it that you look for when choosing a dentist in Luton? Do you select one just to treat your current dental problem, or do you hope to build rapport with the dentist in Luton for long-term reliable dental care?

Just as important as constancy is in other relationships in your life, whether this is your romantic relationships or your career, so too should it be with your dental care. Looking after your dental health should not be a once-off visit to the dentist in Luton but rather a life-long habit so that you retain your natural teeth for life.

Modern dentistry has as much to do with good-quality treatments provided by an experienced professional since it is about forging trusting relationships with patients. At our dental practice, Bramingham Dental, we know that only positive and pleasant dental experiences will help encourage a positive attitude in patients to take a more proactive approach towards their oral health.

Far too many patients avoid dental care because of their bad experiences in the dental chair. They may find their dental practitioners aloof and uncaring so while they must get their teeth and gums examined regularly, they avoid doing so.

Just how essential these visits are and how having a positive relationship with your dentist can help is discussed below.

Why is rapport needed in a dentist-patient relationship?

Trust should be at the heart of all dentist-patient relationships. And one way to garner trust is through effective communication between the dentist and the patient. A dentist must be willing to listen and have the patience to address patient concerns. In return, a patient must have confidence in the dentist to ask their questions.

It is only when they are provided with all the necessary information regarding their dental health can a patient take charge of their oral health; they will know exactly what to do, what to avoid and the repercussions of not following advice.

Poor oral health is not a certainty in life. In fact, most dreaded dental diseases are entirely avoidable provided that patients do as dentists demand; an example would be the biannual dental check-ups.

Be open and honest about anything that may concern you about your oral health. By not speaking up about your concerns, you may forego treatment that might be necessary only for a minor complaint ending up being a major headache down the line. The last thing you will want to do is to make matters worse.

What are the positives to strong dentist-patient relationships?

The first desirable benefit is lifetime care from a dentist that is well familiar with your oral health and medical history. There is less likelihood of x-rays and other medical records getting lost

Once you have a dentist you like and trust, you will take comfort in the fact that your dental health is in good hands. You will have the confidence to tackle small issues as soon as they announce themselves. Many dental emergencies arise because patients don’t seek dental care when they should.

Visit us at Bramingham Dental for all-around great dental care. Our friendly dentist looks forward to building long-lasting quality relationships with patients.


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