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Why visit the dentist in Luton

At Bramingham Dental, we understand that some patients may be hesitant about visiting our dental practice to have their teeth and gums checked by our dentist in Luton. Regrettably, dental anxiety is a reality for many patients due to past unpleasant experiences in the dental chair.

Fortunately, we at Bramingham Dental are happy to accommodate the needs of nervous patients so that they can get the dental care they need from a professional dentist in Luton. Neglecting dental health only spells bad news for overall health and wellbeing.

Many research studies have drawn strong associations between oral health and the health of the body and mind. Visiting our dentist in Luton for routine health checks is essential for keeping your natural teeth healthy for life and maintaining heart health.

For patients wondering about the many benefits of routine dental checkups, below, we have put forth a few convincing arguments that establish the link between dental health and overall wellbeing.

Ways dental checkups promote overall wellbeing

Dental checkups are the only reliable way to check the mouth for worrying signs of disease and other dental issues. No one likes to deal with dental issues, so the best way to avoid them is by preventing them from occurring in the first place. Poor oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease do not emerge overnight.

The symptoms can be subtle at first, so only the experienced and knowing eyes of a skilled dentist can identify them. Dentists can detect signs that point to the bacterial balance in the mouth being out of whack and the rising threat of disease-causing bacteria. It is these bacteria that are responsible for the formation of plaque and tartar on enamel, halitosis, tooth loss and gum disease.

In spotting these signs, our dentist can then suggest preventive procedures that will stop the problem from escalating further. It is for this reason that many undesirable dental diseases are considered completely avoidable if regular dental health checkups are carried out.

Dental checkups are essential to maintain a happy smile. Some patients only begin to appreciate the value of a good-looking smile when they can no longer smile with confidence. Discoloured teeth, tooth decay, tooth loss and even gum disease can all detract from a pleasing smile.

During your visit to our dental clinic, our dental professional can suggest treatment methods to tackle these conditions to restore the patient’s ability to smile a glowing smile once again. The ability to smile should not be discounted because it is our smiles that we rely on to make positive first impressions whether it is to advance on the social or professional ladders.

Patients err in the belief that dental checkups are not worth the cost. The cost of having your dental health assessed by a professional dentist repays itself in numerous ways. For one, patients can save money in the long run by avoiding the cost of treatment for major dental problems; the cost of a dental checkup is far less than what you would pay for a root canal treatment or extraction.

Secondly, the patient is spared the pain and discomfort of having to endure serious dental issues. And then there is the time saved from having to go through protracted treatment plans and make countless trips to the dental clinic.

It is better to take preventive action than to have regrets later. Make the best decision for your oral health today and book an appointment with us at Bramingham Dental to have your oral health assessed.


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