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Why you should love your visit to the Dentist for a dental check-up

We know well that there are many demands on our patients’ time and making time for regular check-up appointments at the Dentist in Luton may seem like yet another task to fit into an overburdened schedule. We would like all patients to know that professional routine dental check-ups are far from humdrum oral examinations – in fact, these are critical dental assessments that ensure good dental health. It has long been known by medical professionals that good dental health plays a fundamental part in contributing to physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

Patients often ask if it is really necessary to attend a check-up appointment every six months. Our answer is always the same – yes, it is. Check-ups by a Dentist in Luton are the only sure-fire way to guarantee that all is well with your teeth and gums and there are no problems lurking around the corner that will cost you in terms of time and money, not to mention the needless pain that accompanies dental problems. Here are other equally important reasons to see a Dentist in Luton regularly.

Why dental check-ups are so important

A deeper level of dental cleaning

As vital as in-home oral hygiene practices such as daily brushing and flossing are in keeping the mouth clean, it is not within the scope of these duties to get rid of enamel-destroying plaque and tartar build-up. Only a skilled dental practitioner with special instruments can reliably remove plaque, tartar and take any further preventive measures to prevent tooth decay.

Spot problems early

If there is one thing we would like patients to know, it is that the earlier oral problems are identified, the better the outcomes for the patient will be if appropriate professional treatment is carried out as soon as possible. One of the more serious dental conditions that can be incredibly challenging to treat successfully when diagnosed in the later stage is oral cancer. Our experienced dentists conduct oral cancer screenings as part of their regular oral assessment on your visit to our practice.

Prevent the necessity of more invasive treatment down the line

The only thing ignoring minor dental problems, such as cavities, tooth sensitivity or swollen gums, does is create bigger problems for you to worry about in the future. No one likes to have to undergo invasive procedures and one way to circumvent such a situation is to have regular check-up appointments.

Good dental health is important for a healthy and happy life

How does oral health relate to a happier you? Firstly, full mouth function allows you to enjoy a balanced diet and feed your body the nutrition it needs. Secondly, as the mouth is an entryway to the vulnerable parts of the body, by keeping it clean and healthy, there is less risk of bad bacteria and other harmful pollutants entering the bloodstream. Thirdly, a healthy mouth promotes a confident smile which has a positive effect on your self-esteem and desirable benefits for your work and personal life.

It is of the utmost importance that patients, both young and old, have their oral health checked by a competent and experienced dental practitioner. At Bramingham Dental we are proud to be a family-focused dental practice where we provide excellent dental care for the whole family. Our friendly dental practitioners and admin support teams look forward to helping you to optimal oral health.


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