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Why you would need to see a Dentist for dental emergency care

It is always disheartening to hear of patients suffering needless pain during times of a dental emergency instead of seeking appropriate professional treatment from a Dentist in Luton. Another risky behaviour is to have a non-dental professional tend to your dental emergency. Only a Dentist in Luton offering emergency dental care has the proper skills and relevant qualifications and experience to successfully treat patients who are in extreme oral pain, had a tooth knocked out or experience excessive bleeding in the mouth.

A certified Dentist in Luton has the necessary in-depth knowledge of the various intricate mouth structures and how they function in relation to each other. This acquired knowledge is useful in helping dental practitioners zero in on the cause of the dental problem quickly and put in place efficacious measures to provide relief and carry out further suitable treatment if needed.

It is a common occurrence for patients to underplay the importance of visiting a dental practitioner with the right expertise in dealing with dental emergencies. More often than not, even something that may seem harmless and nothing to be concerned about like swollen gums can indicate a serious dental issue that needs to be treated as a matter of urgency. Untreated dental issues can escalate into complex and costly problems.

How an emergency dentist can help in a dental emergency

Preserve a damaged tooth

It is only when a patient needs an artificial tooth restoration device that they appreciate the value of their natural teeth. Depending on the artificial tooth restoration option chosen, these can be invasive and costly. In the case of a knocked-out tooth, a patient can save themselves the cost and inconvenience of replacing a lost tooth (one that has been knocked out) that can invariably be saved with the right dental care.

Deliver pain relief

Oral pain can be debilitating especially when caused by a traumatic incident. When in pain due to tooth decay or as a result of a facial accident, it often hampers a patient’s ability to eat which means you aren’t getting the nutrients you need to heal and function. Our well-experienced dentist will treat the cause of the pain so that your full mouth function can be restored.

Help you avoid infections

Any type of oral infection from an abscessed tooth to gum infections should be taken seriously and professional care sought. It is in the nature of infections to become worrying problems that put dental and physical health at risk. Even the heart can be under threat due to an infection in the mouth.

It may be a challenge for a patient to determine whether a problem is a cause for a dental emergency or not. We are of the opinion that when in doubt, it is always a better idea to consult with a dental practitioner. At Bramingham Dental we offer quality all-dental care including treating dental emergencies. If you are in unbearable pain, have swelling or have a shaky or loose tooth, please contact one of our dental practitioners as soon as possible.


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