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ZO Skin Health


Package offer from £550


      X 2 Zo stimulating face peels.

      1.0ml - Lip filler

      2 x areas Anti-wrinkle


Zo stimulating peel


Fees: £95.00 (r.r.p£150)

One of our favourite treatments known as the ‘’Hollywood red carpet peel’’ & the celebrity go-to cosmetic treatment. Improves your skin tone, texture & clarity. Exfoliating the top layer of your skin to stimulate new cell turnover, it gives you instant noticeable results with no down time, gentle on the skin, no redness or peeling.

Zo Stimulating peel is a quick easy medical grade chemical treatment that works in minutes to smooth out moderate facial lines, wrinkles, fade age spots and improve texture and give you a youthful radiant glow.

Just one peel will leave you with great results, maximum results can be achieved with a series of 3 – 4 peels carried out with 2-week intervals. Using Zo products alongside stimulating peels makes it even more effective.

Prices are an introductory offer and may be subject to change. T’s & C’s apply.

Restylane skin boosters (face, neck, hands, decolletage)

Restylane skin booster from: £300 per ml

Restylane skin boosters are used to improve skin hydration, firmness, and luminosity. They work by using micro injections and an incredibly soft hyaluronic acid filler. Restylane skin boosters will make you feel great about your skin leaving you with a radiance & smoothness you will love. 

The skin on your face, hands, neck and decolletage can be improved. 2-3 sessions are required 2-4 weeks apart to restore your skin’s elasticity and smoothness in a gradual way. Regular maintenance sessions approximately every 6 months to ensure lasting results.


ZO red carpet peel

ZO red carpet peel fees from: £95

ZO 3 step peel

ZO 3 step peel fees from: £350

Zo Skin Health

ZO Skin Health

Are you looking for a new skin care routine?

Zo skin health is a highly innovative, progressive medical grade skincare founded by Dr Zein Obagi. Combining of the latest advances in skin therapy with highly active ingredients that improve skin function as well as preventing premature skin ageing. Zo skin health offers a daily solution for creating and maintaining healthy skin, providing effective results for patients who want to keep their skin looking young, regardless of age, ethnicity, unique skin conditions or skin type. From correcting acne, rosacea, sun damage, pigmentation and protecting against future sun damage Zo has your skincare covered. Zo skin health products are not available to purchase online in the UK in addition they should only be used following a consultation with a ZO expert practitioner.

Step 1 Getting Skin Ready.

Healthy skin starts with the basics. Bring skin back to its most healthy balanced state for clear complexion, regardless of skin type.

Step 2 prevent + correct.

A wide range of products that help correct skin issues from acne & rosacea to hyperpigmentation & ageing while preventing future damage.

Step 3 Protect.

Zo sunscreens offer triple-spectrum protection against sun + light damage.

Skin conditions


Step 4 Cleanse.

Whether your skin is dry, sensitive, oily or you experience acne breakouts ZO skin health offers a comprehensive range of cleansers that will leave your skin hydrated, soothed, clean & comfortable while also being protected against harmful UV rays.

Step 5 Exfoliate.

Exfoliating scrubs are an invaluable addition to any skincare routine. As well as removing dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, eventoned, healthier glow a medical grade scrub can stimulate healthy circulation restoring the skin's normal PH balance, reducing the appearance of surface oil, gently clearing breakouts while leaving skin exceptionally smooth and radiant.

Step 6 Tone.

Expertly developed to regulate oil production, calm irritated skin and tighten pores. ZO Skin Health toners can be used morning and night to deliver intense treatment for lasting results.

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